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Youth Connections -

Address, City, State Zip 109 E Morgan St, Martinsville, IN 46151 | View Map  HRH ID #: 1346 
Main Office Phone | Fax 765-516-2264  
Main Email Address director@youthconnnections.org
Web Site Address www.youthconnections.org
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Topics / Services Offered Character Building | Children, Juveniles | Children, Teens | Education | Healthy Relationships | Homeless, Outreach | Runaways
States | Counties Served Johnson | Monroe
Primary Services Provided Provides programs and service that promote positive youth development through community, education, crisis intervention and court-related services. Serve as a Safe Place for Morgan and Johnson counties. Offers
Secondary Services Provided After school programs for middle school youth. Offer host homes for up to 10 juveniles that are homeless or runaways.
Eligibility | Requirements At risk youth
Procedures | Fees
What We Have Available Now
Days | Hours of Operation
Bus Route(s)
Volunteers Needed
Supplies & Items Needed
Additional Information
1st Contact's Name | Title Tom Bigham Director
1st Contact's Main Phone | Fax 1-765-515-2264 1-317-738-0437
1st Contact's Cell | Home
1st Contact's Email Address director@youthconntions.org
2nd Contact's Name | Title
2nd Contact's Main Phone | Fax
2nd Contact's Cell | Home
2nd Contact's Email Address
3rd Contact's Name | Title
3rd Contact's Main Phone | Fax
3rd Contact's Cell | Home
3rd Contact's Email Address
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